Neuropsychiatric Glossary

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See logorrhea

Tactile anomia
Inability to name objects by touch alone

Tandem (gait)
Walking with the heel of one foot placed directly in front of the toe of the other foot

Thought association includes many trivial details but veres off without reaching the point

Scintillating scotoma

Illusion of objects appearing farther away

Theory of mind
Ability to take the cognitive perspective of another individual

Thought alienation
Belief that one's thoughts are under the control of an outside agency or that others may participate in their thinking

Repetitive stereotyped movement often in response to irresistable urge

Trailing phenomena
Discontinuous stationery images that trail behind moving objects (type of palinopsia in LSD flashbacks)

Transcortical motor aphasia
Nonfluent aphasia with preserved comprehension, repetition, reading; impaired writing, naming (benefits from cues), from left frontal damage

Transcortical sensory aphasia
Fluent aphasia (few paraphasias) with poor comprehension, reading, writing, from lesion in posterior parietal-occipital area

Transitive (praxis)
Ability to carry out skilled movements involving tool use