Neuropsychiatric Glossary

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Illusion of objects appearing larger

Substitution of incorrectlty used word with similar sound

Stereotyped semi-voluntary movement (embellished or affected) in keeping with personality

Melodic line
Spontaneous prosody in running speech

Illusion of objects changing shape

Referring to a thing or concept using a substitute word associated with that concept

Illusion of objects appearing smaller

Mimetic (automatism)
Automatic facial expressions during seizure

Mirror (movements)
Contralateral movement of same distal muscles as patient being told to move ipsilaterally

Extreme form of mitmachen in which patient continues to move in the direction of the slightest pressure on the part of the examiner

Allowing body to be placed in any position without resistance despite being instructed to resist movement

Mixed transcortical aphasia
Loss of all language except repetition (AKA isolation of speech area), from damage to anterior & posterior watershed areas

Silly, foolish euphoria seen in frontal syndromes

Motor impersistence
Inabiiity to sustain a movement initiated to command

Motor sequencing
Ability to carry out a series of motor tasks in the correct order

Inability to speak (at all) despite intact comprehension

Sudden brief contractions of related muscle groups