Neuropsychiatric Glossary

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Ganser syndrome
Syndrome of approximate (just missed) answers in clouded consciousness with features of conversion

Opposition of movement with the same degree of force as applied by the examiner, aka paratonia (opposite of mitgehen); seen in dementia & catatonia

Gerstmann syndrome
The combination of right/left discrimination, finger agnosia, agraphia, and acalculia seen in lesions of the left angular gyrus

Gestural (automatism)
Automatic hand gestures during seizure

Gestural (praxis)
Ability to carry out gestural movements

Glabellar (reflex)
Eyeblinks elicited by tapping mid forehead from outside field of vision

Global aphasia
Aphasia with nearly complete loss of language

Ability to recognize numbers outlined on palms or fingertips

Grasp (reflex)
Flexion of fingers or toes in response to stroking the palm or sole