Neuropsychiatric Glossary

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Small involuntary twitches of skeletal muscles under the skin

Festinating (gait)
Tendency for parkinsonian patients to fall forward and take tiny steps

Finger agnosia
Inability to distinguish among fingers on the hand

Finger gnosis
Ability to recognize fingers

Finger identification
Ability to correctly identify fingers

Finger naming
Abiity to correctly name fingers

Flight of ideas
Rapid speech with frequent topic shifts verging from understandable connections in hypomania to incoherence in mania

Folie a deux
Shared delusion

Forced thinking
Repetitive intrusive thoughts at onset of seizure

Form agnosia
Inabilty to recognize whole objects (recognize only details)

Subjective sensation of insects crawling on the skin

Fortification spectra
Jagged light lines resembling battlements of a castle typically seen in migrainous visual aura

Disconnected phrases consisting of real words in formal thought disorder

Fregoli syndrome
Delusion that people have been replaced by a familiar persecutor in disguise (form of delusional misidentification)