Neuropsychiatric Glossary

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Déja entendu
Feeling of having heard something before

Déja veçu
Feeling of having lived before

Déja vu
Feeling of having seen something previously

Delusion of doubles
Belief that one has a double (doppelgänger) with independent behavior

Delusional misidentification
Delusions that people or places are actually doubles of others

Schneiderian concept of loss of train of thought by sliding into subsidiary thoughts (often follows thought blocking)

Double simultaneous stimuulation
Bilateral sensory stimulation to demonstrate absence of neglect or extinction

Abnormal speech articulation

Congenital or acquired arithmetic deficit

Painful burning sensation in neuropathy

Deficit in ability to write

Abnormal involuntary movements

Dysmnesic (aura)
Aura consisting of memory symptoms

Dysphasic (aura)
Aura consisting of language abnormality

Depressed mood

Sustained involuntary muscle contractions causing repetitive twisting movements & postures

Dystonic posturing
Movement of contralateral limb during stressed gait indicative of possible corticospinal track deficit