Neuropsychiatric Glossary

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Capgras syndrome
Delusion that a familiar person has been replaced by an imposter (form of delusional misidentification)

Inappropriate prolongation of position associated with trance-like unresponsive state

Muscular weakness triggered by strong emotions in narcolepsy

Category fluency
Number of words produced in a given category (e.g. animals)

Charles Bonnet syndrome
Visual hallucinations in clear consciousness associated with visual loss in the elderly

Checking response
Ability of intact cerebellum to dampen to and fro movements of a joint

Rapid irregular jerky involuntary movement

Combination of quickly and slowly writhing involuntary movements

Illusion that objects are tinted a different color

Circumducting (gait)
Stiff leg (e.g. due to spastic hemiparesis) rotates in a semi-circle while walking

Using many words to describe one that eludes the speaker

Thought association includes many trivial details but finally reaches the point

Clasped knife (rigidity)
Increased tension in joint extensors to passive flexion, giving away suddenly with further pressure

Cogwheel (rigidity)
Muscle tension giving way in little jerks with passive flexion & extension

Color agnosia
Inabilty to recognize colors

Complex (hallucination)
Identifiable hallucination in any sensory sphere associated with meaning

Conduction aphasia
Fluent aphasia with poor repetition, paraphasias, preserved comprehension, from damage to arcuate fasciculus

False memory unintentionally produced in clear consciousness associated with amnestic syndrome

Constructional apraxia
Inability to draw simple 2D and 3D figures

Continuous (perseveration)
Involuntarily continuing task after being told to stop

Compulsive obscene vocalizations

Crossed right/left
Ability to distinguish right from left on examiner